Entertainment & Sangeet Choreography


When it comes to leave a lasting impression of your big day, the wedding entertainment you choose makes all the difference. The kind of entertainment you choose can make or break your wedding event.

No wedding in India is complete without music. Hiring a DJ for your functions like the Sangeet, cocktail and Mehendi celebrations is a popular practice and it is important to find a professional DJ who can cater to the kind of event you have in mind, has the right equipment and set-up and has a vast, varied playlist. Another great option is to hire a live band or musicians to add the perfect harmonious touch to the wedding you can even have them perform ‘your’ song as you dance at the reception. Folk singers, pop singers, jazz bands etc… find one that suits yours and your partner’s musical tastes.

Talk to your wedding planner about having other live acts as well, always a popular wedding entertainment option since everyone enjoys a good show. Apart from musicians or singers, you can hire dance troupes specific to your theme; find out if they will not only perform but also teach you and your guests a move or two. You can also consider out of the box entertainment options like caricature artists, fortune tellers, photobooths, special children’s performers etc. depending on the kind of wedding you are having. Another aspect to enhance any wedding event and the entertainment is the lighting, sound and special effects. You can even make use of pyrotechnics and fireworks.

Sangeet Choreography

Indian Weddings are joyous celebrations, a time for unbridled happiness…and filled with lots of song and dance! Whether it is a sweet couple’s dance at the end of the reception or the more enthusiastic group dances at a Sangeet, music and dancing can be so intimate and so very fun. The popularity of choreographed dancing is solidified further by our voracious love of romantic Bollywood movies and fairytale Hollywood flicks.

Celebrating your wedding with a choreographed performance is a great way to showcase your personality and let your hair down with friends and family. As far as Indian weddings go, families and friends often put together various dance routines and skits for the Sangeet event or cocktail parties. Professional chorographers are hired to help put together colourful and often Bollywood inspired group and individual dance sequences. Couples and their near and dear ones also hire professionals to incorporate skits with song and dance narrating stories about celebrating your wedding with a choreographed performance is a great way to showcase your personality and let your hair down with friends and family.

Hiring a professional choreographer helps put together a show no one will forget and is a great way to celebrate not only the marriage but all the people involved. It does require that you put time aside for practice sessions, find a practice area that has enough room to move around comfortably and find a choreographer who you are comfortable working with and can teach you the moves you want.