Wedding Menu Planning

It is truly said that a wedding is as grand as the food at the wedding is.

The meals at your wedding and wedding related events are often used as a judging factor on how the whole event was. Even if you have the best décor and ambience, a sub-standard wedding meal pretty much kills the effort and quite literally leaves a bad taste in your guests’ mouths! Since the food and beverages often constitute a major chunk of your wedding budget, it is imperative that you get the best that you can afford. It is for this very reason that we at Weddings Inc. have our food & beverage setup in-house so as to avoid the risk of working with a third party caterer. In the case of the venue taking care of the F&B requirements, as in the case of a hotel, resort or banquet, we work with them to deliver the best in terms of menu selections, styling, presentation as well as alcohol & bar management as per your requirement.

We work with you on menu selections as per your price range, the beverage service, offer tastings, the presentation, the different types of cuisines, their availability for your varied wedding events etc. Our select team of chefs strives to deliver the best in terms of quality and taste as per your requirement.

When it comes to beverages, find out what alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks can be served. We work with you on the kind of bar set up and staff required. Our team of bar-tenders are skilled in making cocktails and other mixed drinks. One of the easiest ways to add a punch to your beverage selection is by creating your own signature wedding drink, so stylish and fun.

Another important factor is the kind of wedding you are planning to have i.e. a formal or casual event, something grand or something intimate etc.
If you are planning to have a themed wedding or wedding event, we provide you with appropriate food and beverage selections. If it is an outdoor venue, we plan and execute the presentation and layout of your food and drinks with perfection. We cater to both sit down meals and a buffet style service, depending on your needs.
Weddings Inc Food & Beverages