Pre-Wedding Planning Services

Bachelor / Bachelorette & Cocktail Parties

While your wedding ceremony and reception are undoubtedly going to be the most beautiful times of your lives, the events leading up to it can be so much fun! Pre wedding activities range from family friendly to exciting nights out with friends and can be the best stress buster. While couples put in a lot of thought into the actual wedding and wedding functions, your pre wedding activities get left to the last minute…such a waste! Planning entertaining and relaxing things to do can be the best gift you give yourself.

Nowadays the concept of having a bachelor or bachelorette party is quickly becoming a popular one. Letting your hair down with your closest friends and doing something super fun together; who wouldn’t want that, especially when it’s the last few times you celebrate your singlehood! When planning such a bash, pick a place or an activity you and your friends love. You can even plan a bachelorette holiday to an exciting destination and make it a trip to remember. Another enjoyable pre wedding party is the bridal shower.
It’s slightly tamer than an all out bachelorette and you can invite older female family members as well. If you rather aim for some relaxation, you can arrange for a spa day with your friends where you can catch up while you get pampered and prettied up. For a mixed crowd, a cocktail party or a themed event is always a crowd pleaser.

Pre wedding activities can also be self enriching – personal training sessions to get fit and feel and look your best as well as consulting with a nutritionist are good ways to get ready for the months ahead. Consult with professionals to get the best skin care tips and you could even plan a nice spa holiday.

Weddings Inc. will help you plan your pre wedding activities like the bachelor and bachelorette parties, bridal shower etc., as needed. Grooming and etiquette lessons can be scheduled as required with the help of our elite team of Image consultants.

Wedding Styling

All wedding planning decisions aside, there’s one thing that is never under question – this is the day you want to look your best! Your wedding style sets the mood for your wedding celebrations and allows you to feel like the stars of the show that you are. With the wedding pictures and videos capturing all your special moments it’s definitely important to put your best faces forward and look as gorgeous and comfortable as possible.

The right styling for the bride and groom is extremely important since you always have to look well put together. If you are having multiple wedding events then it’s important that your outfits and overall look work well for each event and do not get repetitive. Your wedding outfits have to also work well with the mood, scale and design elements of your wedding and other celebrations.
A couple has to work on their wedding styling together .Your wedding attire as a bride will probably include a bridal saree, lehenga or wedding gown for the main event as well as other salwars, lehengas, sarees and maybe even a cocktail dress depending on the wedding functions you are planning on. Bridal fashion is a big deal in India, sometimes dictated by tradition and sometimes by fashion and trends; it is up to you to pick the right attire for the right occasions. Always keep in mind that the colours you choose as well as the cuts should be the most flattering for you.

The groom’s wedding attire should not only be suited to his style and the event but also work well with the bride’s. Clashing colors or design aesthetics…a big no-no! From suave tuxes to regal sherwanis, there is a lot to choose from nowadays. From Western wear like a suit or a tuxedo to Indian wear like a churidar kurta, sherwani or jodhpuris, there are many options for grooms today.

Once you are done with the outfits finding the perfect jewellery and other accessories are the next steps towards completing your look. Let’s not forget fixing up appointments and trials with make-up professionals, hair stylists and finding the right accessories for your looks.The hair and make-up plays a huge role in your overall style and you have to find professionals that can bring out your natural beauty and someone you are at ease with.

Trousseau Packing & Personal Shopping

Trousseau shopping & packing for the bride is an activity that can extend over months and can be both a dream and a difficulty. Your trousseau will probably consist of your wedding outfit, outfits for other wedding events, shoes and accessories. Shopping is fun yes, and also can be pretty overwhelming.

One of the most important things you will purchase is your bridal outfit like the wedding sari, lehenga, gown etc. which might be a part of your trousseau. Brides to be also buy a collection of other Indian and Western outfits like salwar kameezes, dresses, saris etc. for the wedding events and other parties.

Jewellery is another important aspect of the trousseau. Brides pick up traditional wedding jewellery as well as other precious and semiprecious baubles. Accessories like shoes and bags, both matching to your wedding outfits and otherwise also form part of the collection. If you would rather not buy too many formal clothes and accessories, you can also pick up a wardrobe for your honeymoon, perfume, beauty products and the like.

Weddings Inc. will provide you with the assistance for your complete trousseau planning and shopping and other wedding related personal shopping needs. We help you put together a stylized and comprehensive trousseau and also arrange for the trousseau packaging that is not only beautiful but suited to the event and the style you have in mind.