Wedding Theme Design & Decor

All couples have a certain idea of how their wedding should look and feel, beginning from the invites to the venues and the food. In case you are confused or a little lost your wedding planner is the right person to help you choose what is best for you from the ambience to the décor right down to the smallest details.

Your wedding décorations should be a harmonious blend of various design aspects like lighting, decorations, Table settings etc. Once you find your ideal wedding venue it is important to decide on the aesthetic direction you have in mind for the event and your budget. Weddings Inc. has an in house design & décor setup which helps you avoid the risk of dealing with third party vendors to take care of your décor requirements.

Wedding and wedding reception design and décor is not a simple undertaking involving just the big picture decorations like the flowers, mandap and basic lighting, it involves a variety of small and big tasks like seating arrangements, finding or creating the perfect centerpieces or stage backdrops, deciding on ambient or mood lighting and much, much more. You will also have to decide on the perfect colour scheme for the main wedding event and the other soirees as well. If you plan on having a themed wedding as is popular today, your wedding design and décor needs to be handled with that much more finesse and an eye for detail.

Weddings Inc. is here to help with all your décor and design needs, right from engagement décor to the wedding reception and all events in between. We will conceptualize, create and coordinate themes and all your décor desires, in conjunction with your vision.
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