Wedding Photography, Videography / Cinematography, Pre-Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Your wedding day is one of those occasions where you would definitely want to capture every special moment. These are the pictures you will treasure for generations to come.

Not only will you need a professional wedding photographer who has ample experience in wedding photography but also a professional videographer. When it comes to a wedding, taking pictures or a video is a totally in the moment job and not something you can recreate, so you have to find a professional who is excellent at what he/she does.

Wedding photography has evolved from the stiff poses and strained smiles in pictures from decades ago. There are various wedding photography styles you can choose from nowadays.You can opt for a set or wedding album of the traditional portraiture style posed photographs as well as the newer styles like the photojournalistic wedding photography. In this popular style there is no formal posing, the photographer follows the couple, family and guests throughout the wedding to capture tender and fun moments just as they unfold. These candid shots can capture genuine emotion and tell the tale of your wedding in the most authentic way, while allowing you to enjoy the wedding without having to stop and take wedding photos.

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Wedding Videography / Cinematography

It is your wedding day and you are surrounded by your nearest and dearest creating memories that will last a lifetime. Capturing these memories is important and capturing them in the best way possible even more so. While you will have to hire a wedding photographer, hiring a professional wedding videographer or cinematographer is essential.A wedding videographer can help you capture your entire wedding day and other wedding related events from start to finish; and you will have everything documented even if the photographer misses a moment or two. These moments and interactions are once in a lifetime so you have to make them count.

Wedding videography is not just a point and shoot job…professional videographers capture your special story and show it in the way you want it to be seen. The shoots can span over the wedding day, other wedding functions and also over the course of days leading up to the big finish like the bridal shower, Mehendi ceremony, Sangeet and more. The result - tender, intimate, humorous and emotional moments caught perfectly on film. Your wedding video helps you catch up on all those events and small things you missed during the whirlwind days and nights.

The different styles of wedding videography tell your wedding stories in their own unique way. Some couples opt for a start to finish recording, some want an edit of the most emotional or dramatic moments and some want footage that covers only the wedding ceremony and reception.

The options are endless. Another emergent popular style of wedding videography is a movie style video, where your wedding and related events are shot and edited in a cinematic movie style, with its own soundtrack, trailers and styling. Wedding videos have to be edited to perfection for the best possible effect.

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Pre Wedding Photography

Pre Wedding Photography is a trend that is catching up fast. It’s a perfect getaway for you and your spouse-to-be and a great way to take some lovely pictures for your personal album which you will cherish forever. This can be something as simple as a local photo shoot at some of your favorite hangouts or a destination photo shoot. A pre wedding photo shoot is a great way to relax and get away from the stress of the wedding planning process.

Ever thought of getting candid shots against scenic backdrops of Rajasthan or the serenity of Greece or the timeless elegance of Paris or at a gorgeous destination like the TajMahal and don’t know where to begin? Put aside the planning woes as we assist with all the planning and arrangements, whether you are based in India or elsewhere. There is a range of scenic destinations to pick from or you could even pick an international destination of your choice.

We can help you capture your personal romantic moments that you may not have time for during your wedding celebrations. We can also give you ideas on how to incorporate the pictures into your wedding, like using them with your invitations, as a photo montage during your special day or tie it into your décor. Contact Weddings Inc. to know about pre-wedding & engagement photography today!